Memory of a time to come - installation by GABRIELLA SALVATERRA

The art was secret, one of those you pass down from father to son, as secret and jealous as the art of glass blowing or printing”

Carlo Magnani


The secret of Cartiera Magnani is enshrined in its paper, a material in which people, hands and voices are blended to become a soft dough of deeply human elements.

History is a narration of the past, a reconstruction of what no longer is, while memory is an experience of an everlasting present.

This installation aims to catch the echo that still resound in this place, paying a tribute to the collective knowledge and craftsmanship.

Boxes, drawers and small places still store traces of intimacy, a glimpse into the memory of those women and men that with their own hands have silently forged our identity.


The exhibition can be visited on the museum's opening days at a cost of 5 euros.

Pescia Paper Museum